Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ann Harding: “I first cut down on my diet. I think it is physically harmful to eat heavily at such a time and take this means to bring myself back to earth.”

Pola Negri: “Any hard working person or anyone who has worries, should try to get away for a week, for a week-end, for an afternoon, to a totally different environment.”

Richard Barthelmess
: “I take Mrs. Barthelmess and my daughter, Mary Hay, and go out of town – to the mountains or for a sail – somewhere out of the reach of telephones.”

Gary Cooper: “Go away from civilization on a long camping trip, is my favorite cure; but if I haven’t time for that I take a horseback ride.

Tala Birell: “I love to go out with pruning shears or a trowel. I have worked off deep cases of gloom and little snappy periods of irritation. If I am happy, gardening makes me happier; but if I am sad, I have soon forgotten why in my garden.

Dolores Del Rio: “I shut myself up in my music room and play waltzes.”

Constance Bennett: “I can entirely change my mood by playing or listening to different compositions.”

Helen Twelvetrees: “I get out my sketch book or my water colors and begin to work.”

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