Wednesday, October 1, 2008

January 18, 1932

Thugs Break Into Home of Carmel Myers and Threaten Her and Maid

Carmel Myers, motion picture actress, was robbed of jewels valued at $20,000 today when she returned home to find two un-masked bandits hiding in her apartement.
Miss Myers and her maid, Mrs. Anna Moore, were backed against a wall where one of the gunmen held them at bay while his companion rifled the apartment.
Told she would have to be bound and gagged, Miss Myers persisted that her physical condition would render such treatment dangerous, and upon her promise to give the bandits half an hour in which to escape, they relented.
As they were about to leave, Miss Myers pleaded for the return of her wedding ring and one of the robbers threw it to her.
The pair apologized for the holdup declaring they were badly in need of money.

From Luella O. Parsons:

Not for two years has Claudette Colbert actually made a picture in Hollywood. True, she visited here only a few months ago but her pictures have always seemed to take her to the Paramount Long Island studios. She is returning soon to be co-starred with Fredric March in “The Fires of Spring.”

These Barrymores. Together they are incomparable. Everyone who has seen "Arsene Lupin" will subscribe to that sentiment. Radio Pictures was kind enough to lend John to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to play in “Grand Hotel” and now M-G-M is repaying David Selznick and his associates in full. They get Lionel Barrymore for a picture. John returns to Radio as soon as he completes “Grand Hotel” to be starred in “State’s Attorney,” and after that he makes still another for Radio. Lionel and John will not be in the same picture.

Joe E. Brown is an embryonic Don Juan in “Local Boy Makes Good” which chronicles the history of an uninhibited botany student who suddenly becomes the campus hero after a pretty young woman has applied psychoanalysis to his case. Cast members include Dorothy Lee, Ruth Hall, Eddie Nugent and Edward Wood.

The girlish figure of Miss Winnie Lightner now featured with Charles Butterworth in “Manhattan Parade” the Warner Brothers and Vitaphone picture in Technicolor at the State Theater was not attained, and is not retained without strenuous antics on the part of the comedienne. She punches the bag, boxes, undergoes rigorous treatments and sees to it that her diet has just the right amount and kind of vitamins.

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