Friday, October 3, 2008

January 21, 1932

Reduced Admission Price Announced by Theater Without Program Change

A new policy, whereby 2000 seats will be available at the new low 40 cents admission price, will become effective today at the Fox Grand Lake theater.
The finest of feature pictures and the present stage show will continue.
“Ambassador Bill,” Will Rogers’ newest comedy, is the current attraction.
With the picture is Peggy O’Neil’s newest stage review, with a big cast of variety entertainers, Jack Souders and his Merrymakers, and the Sweet Sixteen Sweethearts.
A group of selected short subjects includes a film act, a comedy, and Fox Movietone News.

From Luella O. Parsons:
Took myself to a theater in Glendale to take a private look at “A Lady With a Past,” Constance Bennett’s picture. Crossed my heart I wouldn’t review it but I have to say that it’s the best picture Miss Bennett has made. That Ben Lyon does a remarkable piece of work and David Manners is good too. Bebe Daniels accompanied Ben to the theater and they had to fight their way out. As for Connie, I don’t know how she ever got through the mob.

After spending the better part of 1931 denying that she was leaving Paramount for Warner Brothers, Ruth Chatterton finally made the leap and was formally installed in the bungalow by Colleen Moore with appropriate ceremonies on the First National lot.

George Brent, a newcomer to Hollywood, goes from his first screen test to a role as the leading man for Ruth Chatterton at Warner’s in “The Rich Are Always With Us.” Brent once got on the payroll at Fox, but nothing came of it. He is described as Irish, young, tall and handsome.

Minna Gombell was in Hollywood a year under contract before she appeared in a picture. Now Fox doesn’t seem to be able to make a picture without her. She was on the Fox and Paramount screens in the last week, and has appeared in ten pictures during the last eight months.

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