Thursday, October 23, 2008

February 11, 1932

Hollywood, Feb. 11 (UP)
Because a movie leopard lived his role too well after his part had been played, Barbara Weeks, actress, today was suffering lacerations from the beast’s claws.
A leopard which pursued Miss Weeks through an African jungle scene while cameras ground, escaped his trainer and attacked the actress as she left the set.
Attendants, assisted by Jack Mulhall, actor, dragged the animal away. Miss Weeks’ injuries were not serious.

From Wood Soanes:
Jeanette MacDonald seems to be very much in the news these days. After the expiration of her new agreement with Paramount, she is supposed to go to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for “The Red Haired Woman.” Meantime, Earl Carroll is negotiating for her and Chevalier to appear in a revue called “Rendezvous,” and she is scheduled to do “The Merry Widow” in Paris next fall.

Radio has apparently given up its play to make another Valentino out of Ivan Lebedeff. When I saw him last he was remarking in a loud voice that he would sooner jump out a window than try to ape his pal Valentino. Rather than have him make a lethal leap, Radio has dropped him from its list of contract players.

The current feature attraction on the Paramount screen is “This Reckless Age.” It is a comedy-drama of parents who have dedicated their lives in supplying every want of their children, who in turn, following the “jazz” trend of the reckless age, give slight consideration to the self-denial of their parents.
Charles “Buddy” Rogers, Peggy Shannon, Richard Bennett, Charlie Ruggles, Frances Dee and Frances Starr play the featured roles.

“Up Pops the Devil, Paramount comedy-romance, is the National Theater’s current attraction. Skeets Gallagher, Stuart Erwin, Carole Lombard, Lilyan Tashman, and Norman Foster head the cast.
The story concerns the marital difficulties of Norman Foster and Carole Lombard, as the young writer and his ex-dancer wife.
They live in an apartment in New York City. Foster and his wife agree they will “never get anywhere” if they continue their happy-go-lucky, gin and din, existence, and so they plan a renaissance.
But the scheme hits a slump when a sugary voiced southern girl comes into the picture from the apartment upstairs.
Saturday will bring Lane Chandler in “The Hurricane Horseman” and chapter seven of “Battling With Buffalo Bill.”

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