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January 19, 1932

San Francisco, Jan. 19 (AP)

Harold Lloyd, film comedian, and his wife, were in United States district court of appeal here today to hear arguments on their appeal from a lower court’s verdict in a plagiarism suit.
Lloyd was sued by the late H.C. Witwer, a writer, for all profits from the film “The Freshman.” Witwer charged it was taken bodily from a short story of his called “The Emancipation of Rodney.” Witwer died and his widow, Mrs. Sadie S. Witwer, as administratrix of the estate continued the case.
On December 18, 1930 the United States district court in Los Angeles gave Mrs. Witwer a verdict, awarding her all profits from the film, ordering all negatives and positives destroyed, and ordering on a full accounting to determine the amount to be paid. An injunction restraining further showings of the film was also issued. The Witwers asserted they were entitled to at least $2,300,000.

The Film Daily’s poll of motion picture reviewers throughout the country to determine the ten best pictures of the year is finished and the list is headed by “Cimarron” with 273 votes out of 339, a higher average than was achieved by last year’s winner, “All Quiet on the Western Front.”
With “Cimarron: topping the list the other nine include in the order named, Street Scene, Skippy, Bad Girl, Min and Bill, The Front Page, Five Star Final, City Lights, A Free Soul and The Sin of Madelon Claudet. Runners up were Little Caesar, lacking only two votes of inclusion; The Smiling Lieutenant, Trader Horn, Royal Family of Broadway, An American Tragedy, Alexander Hamilton, Outward Bound, Public Enemy, Waterloo Bridge, and Daddy Long Legs.

Raoul Walsh and Henry King, two high salaried directors at Fox Films were released today by D.E. McIntyre, newly appointed business manager of the studio. Al Rockett, senior associate producer, is to take over the duties of Winfield Sheehan during the latter’s absence on sick leave.

From Louella O. Parsons:

Suddenly one fine day Paramount awoke to the fact that Miriam Hopkins was starring material. Important favorites have been signed and little Hopkins has played second fiddle but on several occasions she stole the show. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde her characterization was a classic. Now Miriam is to be given parts commensurate with her ability and personality. Her first will be a talkie resurrection of Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife. Perhaps you will remember that was one of Gloria Swanson’s most successful silent pictures, made while she was at Paramount.

We have heard many rumors that the various film companies were going to cut down on their stock companies. Types of actors that are always available at any time and types that are not used in many pictures will be cut off the payrolls. Warner Brothers is the first to take this step. The options on the contracts of Don Cook, Winnie Lightner and Charles Butterworth will not be renewed.

Movie Tag Line:

A Great Actress Arrives!
New Personality! New Fascination!
The Incarnation of All You’ve Ever Hoped For In a Woman!
Snatched from Continental triumphs to bring you
Mysterious story of a thousand loves with

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