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February 3, 1932


Hollywood, Cal. – Feb 3 (AP)
Eddie Gribbon, motion picture comic, and his wife, Loretta, were arrested early to-day charged with liquor law violations after five police cars responded to calls from neighbors that a wild party was in progress in Gribbon’s home.
Gribbon and his wife were each booked on three counts, violations of the state liquor law through possession of more than a gallon of liquor; intoxicated on private property, and suspicion of violation of the Volstead Act.
Arresting officers said they found in the basement twenty nine quarts of beer, forty six pints of beer, some “red liquor” and thirteen pints of wine. The house, they said, was in disarray, with dishes broken and numerous signs of battle.

Hollywood, Feb. 3 (AP)
In these times of economic stress and strain, this is news.
In what is said to be one of the largest studio-writer deals ever consummated, Fox Films paid Noel Coward, English author, in excess of $2,000,000 for the rights to three of his plays. The plays are Cavalcade, Bitter Sweet, and Hay Fever.

Hollywood, Feb. 3 (INS)
“My fault. A nervous temperament made me let off steam at home,” declared B.P.Schulberg, rich film company executive, in admitting today he and Mrs. Adelaide Schulberg had separated after 18 years’ married life. Divorce is not contemplated immediately.

Washington, Feb. 1

Laurence Olivier and his wife, Jill Esmond, English actors who have played in recent R.K.O. moving pictures, must leave the United States, their permits to remain in this country having expired.
The permits expired on Dec. 1 but were extended until Jan. 1 upon representations by the R.K.O. interests that the players’ departure would entail financial losses to the company. It was stated that delay in the completion of the pictures had resulted from the consolidation of the R.K.O. and Pathe interests.
The actors came to the United States in January, 1931, and played for a short time at a New York theater. They obtained contracts subsequently with R.K.O. and went to Hollywood.
The understanding with the Labor Department at the time the permits were extended was that the players were not to remain after Jan. 1, and that no request for further stay would be granted.

From Luella O. Parsons
Snapshots of Hollywood:
One of the nicest luncheons of the season was the one given by Florence Lawrence in honor of the mothers of Hollywood. Her own mother was the guest of honor. Theda Bara, Doris Kenyon, and others chaperoned their parents and every one hoped to look as well at the same age.

The two sisters, Viola Dana and Shirley Mason, waxing merry over the luncheon table at the Brown Derby.

Barbara Bebe Lyon will be christened on Saturday.

Cliff Edwards, still devoted to Nancy Dover, dining at the Embassy with the lady. Florence Lake and George E. Stone were in his party.

Wallace Beery has bought himself a little present in the shape of an up-to-the-minute airplane.

Ken Maynard and his misses have taken a plane to Mexico for a three weeks’ jaunt.

February 10 is definitely the date for Bebe Daniels’broadcast engagement. This time she sings from New York and she is leaving February 6 to keep her appointment. Bebe’s singing voice has attracted attention all over the country and she has had many offers since she sang on New Year’s Day.

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