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January 26, 1932

Hollywood, Cal. – Jan. 26 (UP)
Marie Prevost and Leila Hyams, motion picture actresses, are confined to a hospital today. Miss Prevost is suffering from the effects of too rigid dieting and Miss Hyams is resting and under observation for intestinal trouble.

Hollywood, Cal. – Jan. 26 (AP)
With her neck in a steel brace, Estelle Taylor, screen actress and former wife of Jack Dempsey, heavyweight boxing champion, today faced an indefinite period in bed in a local hospital. Miss Taylor injured in an automobile accident Christmas, is suffering from a fractured cervical vertebra.

Beverly Hills, Cal – Jan. 26 (AP)
Weighing 20 pounds, standing 30 inches tall in height and having two teeth, Harold Lloyd, Jr. yesterday observed his first birthday. Harold Junior was the baby who weighed two pounds and fourteen ounces at birth and spent his early months in an incubator.
Only his father and mother and two sisters, Gloria and Peggy, were present at his birthday party.

From Luella O. Parsons:
That movie play of Harold Lloyd has kept him busy trying to find just the right leading lady. It’s to be a sort of modern Merton of the Movies, and the girl in this picture has far more to do than she ever had in any other of his comedies. Leila Hyams, who not only can act, but is one of the prettiest girls in our town, will be borrowed from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to emote opposite Harold. At least that’s the talk.

Hollywood, Cal. – Jan. 26 (AP)
Creighton Chaney, twenty three year old son of the late Lon Chaney, has been offered a film contract by RKO-Radio officials, it became known today.

“Transgression,” featuring Kay Francis, Ricardo Cortez, Paul Kavanaugh, and Nance O’Neill, is the feature attraction at the Lyric theater.
From the quiet panorama of an English countryside, the picture moves swiftly to the night life of Paris with its parade of women flirting with the danger of pleasure, and thence to the romantic setting of Spain.
The films was adapted from the novel, The Next Corner, by Kate Jordan.

From Wood Soanes column:
While Hollywood is exporting some of its Mexican beauties to Broadway, it is dipping freely into the European beauty market. Greta Garbo continues, of course, at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer with a new contract imminent and no heavy opposition from the various “contenders.” They continue to “contend” however, and almost every studio has its Garbo in the making.
The advent of Gwili Andre, Danish artists’ model from New York brings to Radio a blonde whose beauty will contrast with the dark stateliness of this lot’s other foreign star, Pola Negri. First National’s entry is Lil Dagover who may return from Germany for more pictures. Universal soon will offer Tala Birell, a Roumanian who has been coached by Laura Hope Crews.
Failing to jostle Garbo from her throne with Marlene Dietrich, Paramount is presenting Sari Maritza, real name Patricia Detring-Nathan, daughter of an English father and an Austrian mother, who was born in China and rose to stardom on the continent, and Fox is banking on Elissa Landi and hoping it can find a vehicle worthy of her talent.

Paramount also announces that George Bancroft is raising a mess of red whiskers to fit his next picture “On the Black Sea,” and that Jeanette Macdonald will make a world concert tour when she completes her next picture with Maurice Chevalier in April.

During the last ten days four new stories have been purchased by Fox films: “Down to Earth” which will be done by Will Rogers; “Little Teacher” for James Dunn and Marian Nixon; “After the Rain” for Sally Eilers and Spencer Tracy, and “Man About Town” with Warner Baxter in mind.

Carl Laemmle sends word now that there will be no shut down now at Universal City. Among other things, Universal is now filming a serial, “The Great Air Mail Mystery” which is to be released in twelve episodes with James Flavin and Lucile Browne co-starred.

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