Thursday, October 16, 2008

February 4, 1932

London, Ont. – Feb. 3 (AP)
Civil action was started to-day by Francis X. Bushman, American movie actor, against Albert E. Hamilton of London, Ontario. The actor’s attorneys said he was injured in a collision with Hamilton’s automobile. They said he was seeking $10,000.

Hollywood, Feb. 4 (INS)
Here to resume her career in films, Juanita Hansen, actress, reported today she would resort to plastic surgery to remove scars suffered in a New York hotel shower bath.

From Luella O. Parsons:
“Next year at this time,” says Richard Rowland, “we will be willing to compare Fox pictures with any other productions on the market. We expect to make motion pictures as pictures, not as imitations of the stage.” This excellent idea hasn’t kept the Fox company from buying excellent plays. After my conversation with Rowland it was brought to my attention that three successful Noel Coward plays will be produced at Fox in the coming year.

Frank Borzage will direct Cavalcade, a spectacle that is now doing big business in London. First Frank must finish Young America and Gold Star Mothers. Young America will introduce a new juvenile star, Tom Conlin [sic] selected by Borzage for the lead. Doris Kenyon, who was a First National star, will have the feminine lead, with Spencer Tracy in one of the important role.

Promiscuous. Write that gay title down in your red book. You will hear it again. It’s the name of Dora Macy’s new novel and it is intended for Joan Crawford. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer bought it with the slim, gray-eyed Miss Crawford in mind. And chances are it will do at the box office what Night Nurse, also by Miss Macy, did in its spectacular popularity. Miss Crawford will make it as soon as she finishes Letty Lynton. What about Red Headed Woman? I wouldn’t be knowing, but Gene Dennis, psychic, says it’s to be a Crawford production.

Meet Harold Lloyd, producer. You say he has always produced? True enough, but now he is branching out and starring Eddie Quillan in a series of three comedies a year. Nothing definite on the distribution of the Quillan comedies, although Harold moves to the United Artists lot in two weeks to begin work on his own comedies through Paramount. William Fraser, manager of the Lloyd company, states the Quillan deal is only pending, but we believe it has reached more than the talking point.

Two of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s popular stars will be seen in Cosmopolitan releases in the coming year. Clark Gable is listed in China Seas, a Cosmopolitan production, and yesterday it was announced that “Limpy,” Jackie Cooper’s next picture, will make its appearance under the Cosmopolitan banner. Speaking of “Limpy,” Chic Sale is cutting short his vaudeville tour to come back and co-star with Jackie. The other Cosmopolitan pictures named for 1932 are “Skyscraper” and “Beast of the City,” the latter featuring Walter Huston and Jean Harlow.

Chatter in Hollywood: April is about right for Marlene Dietrich’s visit to Germany. She will finish “East River” at that time and she is taking little Marie and will travel to Berlin to visit her husband and see old friends. But she is coming back, that is a certainty.

The Beloved Bachelor, the first picture in which Paul Lukas appears as the featured lead, will start Friday at the Strand Theater. Lukas is cast as a sculptor who slowly is carving a name for himself in the world of art. Vivienne Osborne, as a beautiful young actress, Dorothy Jordan, as his artists’ model, Charlie Ruggles and Harold Minjir are co-starred.

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