Saturday, October 25, 2008

February 12, 1932

From Luella O. Parsons:
You may expect to see Nils Asther in an important role: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer leading man, before the year passes. What plans are now being hatched for him!
One of the first roles will be as Joan Crawford’s leading man in “Letty Lynton,” and he draws Clarence Brown as director.
He now is playing an important role in Robert Montgomery’s picture “The Truth Game.”
Mr. Asther, for a time, was handicapped by his accent. He has now subdued that considerably and, since good looking young leading men who can act are scarce, Nils’ opportunity, it seems, has arrived. The fans, I might add, have never ceased to urge that he come back.
Mrs. Asther (Vivian Duncan to her public) will make some public appearances while her husband is busy at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Miss Asther, thank you, is doing nicely.

I’d say the Irish have it in “The Information Kid” at Universal. Let’s count the sons and daughters of Erin. There is Jimmy Gleason, just added to the cast, Maureen O’Sullivan, Tom Brown, Mickey McGuire and Andy Devine. Interesting story about Gleason, when he was the star of “Is Zat So?” on Broadway, young Tom Brown was twelve years old and in his company. Young Brown has always had a hero worship for Jimmy and when he found that Jimmy was going to be in the same picture with him, he was overjoyed.

Florence Rice, one of the prettiest girls who has come to Hollywood in a long time, was lunching with Phillips Holmes. Local gossips say Phil is much interested in Grantland Rice’s daughter.

I thought Jack Warner was up to his old trick of playing a joke when he told me that The Jewel Robbery was a coming Warner event.
I hate to show my ignorance this way, but The Jewel Robbery is a New York play and it’s all its name implies. In fact, Warner was enthusiastic about it and thought that the leading role was one that would particularly fit Warren William. Warners have great plans for William. He, as their Clark Gable-Ronald Colman, is being given roles that will suit him.

Another Warner player who is being groomed for bigger and better roles is Bette Davis. She is running neck and neck with Marian Marsh, another blonde youngster. Miss Davis will play opposite Warren William in “The Jewel Robbery.” Given a few years experience, she may really do something worthwhile, for she has a personality.

The Harold Lloyds were celebrating nine years of marital bliss by inviting a few friends to dinner, and later attending the theater.

Mrs. C. Gardiner Sullivan is giving Joan Bennett a shower at the Town House tomorrow. The Bennett-Markey marriage will be a Spring affair.

From Wood Soanes:
Samuel Goldwyn announces his intentions to have production in full swing by March. He is to do “Ballyhoo” and one other for Eddie Cantor; and “Cynara” and one other for Ronald Colman; as well as one on the order of “Street Scene,” without a star.

Janet Gaynor is back from Europe and will soon be started in “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”

Clive Brook, having finished his work on “Shanghai Express” with Marlene Dietrich, has gone to England for a vacation with his wife.

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