Monday, October 13, 2008

February 2, 1932

From Luella O. Parsons
There is a deal of whispering around Hollywood these days about the girl who is going to play in “Rain” at United Artists studio.
Lewis Milestone will direct it as his first picture over there. Associated with him will be Chester Erskine, famous New York stage director. The way I heard the story is that Erskine will direct the dialogue while Milestone does the pictorial end. The picture is being made in conjunction with Sam Harris who produced the play on the stage. Gloria Swanson, who starred in Sadie Thompson or Rain, if you choose, will not do a repeat. I don’t know who the new girl is, but it is said she has much the same appeal that Jeanne Eagels brought to the stage version of Rain.

Jokes on matrimony, divorce, et cetera are as old as the hills, but like many things they seem to improve with age. Mack Sennett, who is usually abreast of the times in all comedy ideas is about to produce “Divorce a la Mode” with Leslie Pearce directing. Raymond Hatton and Vivian Oakland rate the featured places and the following, Dorothy Granger, Harry Myers, and George Sherman are the mentioned players. Speaking of Mack Sennett, Bebe Daniels says she never was a bathing beauty. “I wanted to be,” said Bebe, “but Sennett never offered me a job in his company.”

Washington, Feb. 2 (AP)
Howard Hughes, wealthy motion picture producer, has told the navy he is interested in buying the dirigible Los Angeles to be used in making a new movie thriller.
No purchase price has been mentioned, but Rear Admiral W.A. Moffett, chief of the bureau of Aeronautics, thinks $500,000 would not be too much to ask.
Money used from its sale would be used in enlarging the ZRS-5, new giant airship now under construction in Akron.

Hollywood, Feb. 2 (AP)
Gary Cooper doesn’t go in for ordinary lions. He cabled his father that while on a hunting trip in Africa he killed two lions. They were “super-lions,” he said.

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