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(excerpted from the article by Alice L. Tildesley - Jan 10. 1932)

“Among My Souvenirs” craze makes Hollywood what El Brendel calls “A city of collectin’ fools” --

Dolores Del Rio gathers up perfumes and Charley Chase, canes—But don’t send Clara Bow any dogs!

Jean Hersholt's collection of first editions of rare books is recognized among book authorites as being one of the most complete in the country.

Dolores Del Rio makes a hobby of collecting perfumes, and she has more than 150 kinds, all the most precious makes.

The friend who presented Clive Brook with two old crystal goblets as a wedding gift started the actor on his extensive collection of antique glass, which now includes pieces more than 200 years old.

“I’ve always adored lace” declared Genevieve Tobin. “I started my collection when I was a schoolgirl in Paris. My mother encouraged the idea, but insisted that I make a study of the history of lace.

Oliver Hardy saves the golf balls with which he won cups in tournaments. Stan Laurel, the other half of Laurel & Hardy gathers recipes for favorite dinner dishes. He is partial to old English dishes.

Clara Bow used to collect dogs until her fans discovered the fact. Hardly a week passed but that the express wagon backed up to the redhead’s doorstep and deposited a canine, duly crated. In two years she had more than 150 dogs. They became terribly expensive, even though they rarely halted at the Beverly Hills bungalow more than a night or two. Neighbors complained about the howling and barking, and Clara couldn’t find homes for the tribe. She no longer collects dogs – please!

Lew Ayers collects souvenirs from each picture in which he plays.

Blonde Thelma Todd has blown glass novelties made especially for her, her chief treasure being a butterfly made life size with minute detail of wing design.

The younger girls of filmdom seem to go in for dolls. Rochelle Hudson, who isn’t yet 16, specializes in big ones. Sally O’Neill likes unique specimens dressed in fashions of historical periods. Dorothy Lee has more than 400 stuffed dogs, many of them presented to her by fans.

Ralph Bellamy owns 14 old music boxes he has picked up in his travels.

Victor McLaglen saves old boxing gloves. He has the pair he wore in his fight with Jack Johnson.

Charles “Buddy” Rogers possesses a unique assortment of musical instruments.

Anna May Wong thrills over ancient ceremonial robes worn by Chinese mandarins.

Bebe Daniels, who looks so feminine, has a masculine passion for swords and possesses several from the Valentino collection.

Loretta Young goes in for anything connected with Napolean and Josephine.

Louise Fazenda's art treasures are famous. Sometime exhibitors borrow her old-time stage coach, and museums have often benefitted by valuable letters and papers collected on her California rambles. Spanish relics of copper and brass, iron and pewterware adorn her house. Lola Montez, famous Spanish dancer, is well represented in Louise's collection, among her things being a piece of gold brocade given Lola by a European king.

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