Thursday, September 25, 2008

January 10, 1932

Sunday will bring Laurel and Hardy in their first full-laugh comedy, "Pardon Us," to the National Theater. It is a Hal Roach production.
The comedians are cast as convicts. The engagement is for two days only and will be followed by "Up For Murder" starring Lew Ayres

Mother Love Theme of Latest Film of Star
One of those events looked forward to and cherished by movie millions, a new Ruth Chatterton picture, is coming Tuesday. The newest opus for the "first lady" of films is titled "Once a Lady" and is a melange of the surefire dramatic clay which this emotional sculptress so effectively handled in "Madame X," "Sarah and Son," and "Anybody's Woman."

Splendid Cast Seen in Film at Granada Wednesday
John Barrymore will be seen at the Granada theater Wednesday in "The Mad Genius," a Warner Brothers production - and the most superb of all his starring vehicles.
Barrymore again chooses radiant Marian Marsh as his leading lady as he did in his previous picture, "Svengali."

The first fruit of Samuel Goldwyn’s New York visit is the not inconsiderable announcement that “Cynara” will be his first production for the approaching 1932-33 season. Ronald Colman will have the leading role. Mr. Goldwyn hopes to place the picture in production in early March.

George Brent, recently of Broadway, has taken the camera trail which leads, in his case, to the Warner studios. Mr. Brent will play the chief male role opposite Ruth Chatterton when that actress shortly begins work on “The Rich Are Always With Us,” her first picture since she went over to Warner’s from Paramount. As if that were not enough for a beginner in films, Mr. Brent is also offered opposite Barbara Stanwyck in “So Big!” which has just gone into production. Bette Davis, a less recent acquisition from the stage, also has roles in both pictures.

Wynne Gibson’s star is on the upward swing. Within a year she has risen from minor to featured roles and her first job in 1932 will be the title role in the Paramount version of “Clara Deane,” a play by Max Arthur.

Dorothy Burgess has replaced Joyce Compton in the cast of the new Warner feature which has just entered production with Loretta Young and Winnie Lightner in the leading roles. Its title, “Eight to Five” has been changed to “Love on a Budget.”

Carole Lombard, heroine of Paramount's "No One Man" is an enthusiastic devotee of contract bridge. She is of the Culbertson school.

Josephine Dunn, Sheila Mannors and Barbara Leonard have joined Jeanette MacDonald and Genevieve Tobin supporting Maurice Chevalier in "One Hour With You," Paramount announces.

Many heads turned in the direction of Sidney Fox at the opening of Edward Everett Horton's play, "The Scamp," Her steady boyfriend Jean Negulesco was with her.

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