Sunday, September 28, 2008

January 14, 1932

Los Angeles, Jan 14 - by: Louella Parsons
The little old last year’s contract that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer had with Clark Gable is due to be chucked in the fire. A new contract with a weekly raise in salary will be handed Mr. Gable by Louis B. Mayer. The old one was signed when the amazingly popular Clark was yet to be discovered by the adoring fans and still had several years to run. But Clark asked for an increase and got it.

So much has been said about Paramount’s failure to recognize the value of Carole Lombard’s beauty and ability that apparently the little matter is going to be attended to pronto. Carole is now away on a trip with her husband, William Powell. When she returns she will be co-featured with Phillips Holmes in The Beachcombers. Carole Lombard bears a resemblance to Constance Bennett, only she is less gold than la Bennett.
And come what may, Bennett at this moment is second to no star in popularity.

Einstein Winks at Pola Negri In Comments on Hitler Photos
Palm Springs, Jan. 13
Pola Negri, the Polish film actress, who is recovering here after her recent operation, and Dr. and Mrs. Einstein, on a brief vacation, met today and talked in German for more than forty minutes.
“Have you ever met Hitler, the German fascist leader?” Miss Negri disclosed she had asked.
“No, but I have seen his photographs,” the German physicist replied, with a wink, “and they are sufficient.”

Loretta Young Is Starred At Lyric
Too Young To Marry, a comedy featuring Loretta Young and Grant Withers is the Lyric Theater’s current attraction.
Miss Young plays the part of a willful daughter who gets married to her boyfriend while her mother is at the movies and her henpecked father is a bit under the influence of hard cider.

Ramon Novarro’s current vacation in New York will be cut short soon to start “Huddle,” a famous football story. When he started work on “Mata Hari” opposite Greta Garbo, it was announced that his ambition to be a director would be achieved through a new contract. Apparently they have decided not to make Novarro a director and don’t care much what happens to him as a star. He is certainly the least likely of football candidates.

Joan Crawford’s next will be “Letty Lynton” from the novel by Marie Belloc Loundes with Clarence Brown directing. Before that, however, she must play a part in “Grand Hotel.”

Jackie Cooper is to do “Limpy” from the book by William Johnston.

Jean Harlow, screen actress, will make a personal appearance in the vaudeville bill opening Saturday at Loew’s State Theater (New York).

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