Tuesday, September 23, 2008

January 3, 1932

Pola Negri Is Able To Leave Hospital
Pola Negri, noted film star, was released from Santa Monica Hospital today, where shd had been since she was stricken with an abdominal disorder on Dec. 16.

James Dunn Has Male Lead Opposite New Fox Star

"Sob Sister," Fox drama of an ambitious girl who was too busy trading on the romances of others to recognize her own love affair until it had practically passed her by, is hailed as being one of the year's most important pictures, and for several reasons.
First, it marks the second screen appearance of James Dunn, who bounded into the film spotlight overnight in his history making screen debut in "Bad Girl."
Second, it introduces to movie-goers a new leading lady, 21 years old, gorgeously blonde, a favorite of the Broadway stage, Linda Watkins.

"Charley's Aunt" Is Feature at Reno Saturday
Charlie Ruggles, favorite comedian, has an unique assignment in his next picture, produced by Christie.
Charlie Ruggles has been singled out for an unusual honor. He is to play the first female impersonator in talking films. He is given the opportunity to pioneer. He is the first female impersonator to try a falsetto on the screen with the exception of the brief interval that Lon Chaney appeared as an old lady in "The Unholy Three." Charlie wears a skirt, a curly wig, a shiny black silk dress with lace and a perky bonnet. You'd never suspect who was hiding behind those skirts if you weren't told so beforehand.

Maurice Learns Typing
Maurice Chevalier, star of Paramount's "One Hour With You," gets his between scenes amusement from practicing the touch system on the typewriter with such finger twisters as "Now is the time for all good," etc.

Dorothy Sebastian In Lead Opposite Husband

"The Big Gamble" tells a thrilling modern story with fast, absorbing action and a strong, meaty dialogue. The play has a striking plot and a perfect cast. It is directed by Fred Niblo.

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