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January 8, 1932

While MGM works on its all star cast production of "Grand Hotel," a quickie is being made by Tiffany called "Hotel Continental" with Peggy Shannon, Theodore von Eltz, Alan Mowbray, Rockliffe Fellows, Joyce Compton, J. Farrell Macdonald, and Henry B. Walthal among the great and near-great hired.

Paramount has borrowed two of Samuel Goldwyn's contract players - Melvyn Douglas, who made "Tonight or Never" with Gloria Swanson, and "Prestige" with Ann Harding, will be opposite Claudette Colbert in "The Wiser Sex" and "The Misleading Lady;" Lily Damita will be opposite Maurice Chevalier in "One Hour With You."

Film Star and Wife End Yosemite Visit
Merced, Jan. 8 - William Powell, motion picture actor, and his actress wife Carole Lombard, were en route to Hollywood today after a visit to Yosemite valley. They stopped here for a short time before continuing south.
Both expressed delight with the winter beauty of the park, and said they would probably return before the end of the snow season.
They were in the valley for ten days and celebrated Christmas and New Years there.

Los Angeles, Jan 7
Nance O'Neal, famous stage and screen actress and 69 other members of the cast of "Lysistrata," sophisticated Greek comedy playing at the Carthay Circle theater, were arrested late tonight on charges of giving an indecent performance.
Nearly a dozen police officers sat through the first part of the performance and in the middle of it, notified the participants they were being arrested.
Every available patrol wagon in the western part of the city was drafted into service to take the actors and actresses to jail.
Miss O'Neal became hysterical when locked in her cell, but regained her composure when she was released shortly afterward, and was accompanied to her home by J.C. Robinson, producer of the show.

Chevalier Departs On Concert Tour
Hollywood, Jan 7
Maurice Chevalier, motion picture star, left here today on a two months' concert tour which will carry him across the country.
His first appearance will be at the annual automobile show in San Francisco.
Returning here after the tour, he will start on his next picture, "Love Me Tonight."

Actress Gives Cause For Avoiding Great City
Chicago, Jan 6
Greta Garbo of the alabaster skin, the mysterious smile, and the propensity to snub New Yorkers, explained today why she gave would-be interviewers in the east the run-around.
"I doan leek mos' people," smiled she upon changing trains here for Hollywood to resume her movie work. "I am mos' happy to be far, far away from New Yark. They are so impoleet in New Yark. They geev me no peace. Now I feel happier far away."
La Garbo, the former Stockholm barber shop lather girl, high-hatted New York columnists by registering in a hotel as "Gussie Berger," and wearing smoked glasses to deceive them when she went in and out during her Christmas vacation. They made such a hullabaloo that she apparently changed her mind about talking to people. She answered all questions amiably during her hour in Chicago, even those concerning love:
"No, I eem not in luf. No, I eem not evah to marry. No, I eem not to stop playing in the movies. I eem not weary of them. They are my life."

Movie tag line:

Every Woman Owes It To Herself To See Under 18!
A Subject As Old As The Ages But As New As 1932

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