Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hollywood, Feb. 21
Lewis Stone must undergo one hundred and six distinct physical alterations before he is ready to step before the camera for his role of the shell-shocked doctor in the picturization of “Grand Hotel.”
Stone begins his metamorphosis exactly one hour and a half before he is actually due on the set to work, reporting to Cecil Holland, makeup expert, who each day must perfectly match the weird makeup originally decided upon by director Edmund Goulding. A series of photographs is used as a guide.
The major changes on one side of Stone’s face included application of collodion, undertaker’s wax, gelatin, spirit gum, cotton batten, adhesive tape, facial putty, coloring, thread, paint, powder, pencil lining and varnish.
The effect created in the numerous operations is that of drawing down one eye out of proportion, the severing of an ear and complete eradication of natural facial lines and skin tissues.

This completed, Stone allows one arm and a leg to be bound stiffly, giving the effect of artificial limbs in motion.
According to Stone, the makeup is entirely harmless, although demanding massaging of muscles at the end of the day’s work.


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