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February 19, 1932

Bebe Daniels, left, looks on while Dudley Digges and Otto Matieson unwrap the 'black bird' in "The Maltese Falcon"

Safford, Ariz. Feb. 19 (AP)

Otto Matieson, 40, veteran character actor of Hollywood, was killed instantly and Duncan Renaldo of New Jersey, who has been featured in several films in the past few years, was injured slightly when their automobile plunged off the highway about 10 miles west of here today. A Mexican rancher witnessed the crash and told officers the automobile skidded wildly as Matieson, who was driving, attempted to make a turn.

From Luella O. Parsons

When Mrs. Brock Pemberton finishes dressing Ann Harding’s hair and putting new clothes on her we won’t know our Annie. Mrs. Pemberton, specialist in grooming screen and stage beauties, has been ordered to give Ann more sex, more dash, and clothes that are more chic. She is doing just that.
I can hear the fans get up a wail all over the world, for most of them feel that Ann’s personality so far transcends her clothes that any effort to improve or change her is wrong. Yet Ann says she is going to be a good girl and do just what the studio tells her, hence this change.
The picture that calls for all this new sex appeal is Louis Bromfield’s novel, The Life of Virgie Winters. David Selznick has an option on the book, and it is intended for Ann. Of course, if she rebels he may hand it to Irene Dunne, but from all accounts the story is a good one.

While in the South Seas, tropical exteriors will be shot by Douglas Fairbanks for “Rain.” If Raoul Walsh straightens out his contract troubles with Fox he will join United Artists again as director of Somerset Maugham’s epic. Marion Davies is being urged to play the role of Sadie Thompson. A little matter like a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer would probably stand in the way. It would certainly be a departure for Marion from the comedy-dramas she has been playing. Ann Dvorak, it seems, has not been definitely signed. Douglas Fairbanks and Raoul Walsh were so sold on the idea of Marion in Jeanne Eagels’ role that Joseph Schenck was cornered as soon as he stepped off the train and asked if it would be possible to borrow her from M-G-M.

The Marx aggregation, all of them, were at the Olympic stadium. Harpo, accompanied by pretty Irene Purcell, was sitting in a ringside seat. Later at the Brown Derby, discussions of the Emmanuel-Hamas bout were waging fast and furious.
Vivienne Osborne, in a red velvet evening coat, was at the Derby with Ivan Lebedeff.
W.R. Wilkerson, with Evelyn Brent, was having a midnight snack.

From Wood Soanes:

Cliff Edwards is at Radio after passing up his contract at M-G-M because his ex-wife was able to attach his earnings too readily. He is planning a return to the stage.

Marilyn Miller is also off the Warner payroll. She had a $100,000 contract but the option was not exercised after “Her Majesty, Love.”

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