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February 25, 1932

Pittsburgh, Feb. 25 (AP)

Ethel Barrymore, America’s “First Lady of the Theater” soon will make her screen debut, she announced today and added with a twinkle in her eye that “My only fear is the camera.”
Miss Barrymore, here in a stage play, said her brothers Lionel and John, will support her in her first screen production.
“Nothing is definitely settled yet,” Miss Barrymore said, but she disclosed contract negotiations are being completed.
“It will be a wonderful thrill and I know I will like it.”
She said a special story will be the vehicle for her entrance into the “talkies.”
Production will not begin until after her present road tour, which closes in June.

Los Angeles, Feb. 25

Another effort at reconciliation between Ethel Clayton, screen actress, and Ian Keith, stage and film actor, has failed, it was revealed today, and her suit for divorce is scheduled for hearing tomorrow.
The present suit was filed last August, but hearing had been postponed several times when reconciliation was thought possible. It was filed only after several separations which had marked the brief marital career of the couple.
In her complaint, Miss Clayton charges Keith with being “unhusbandly” and with excessive drinking.

Los Angeles, Feb. 24 (UP)

Jean Harlow isn’t even in college yet today she stood elected as vice-president of the junior class in arts and sciences at the University of Southern California.
For good measure Jean was also elected the most popular girl in college.
Psychology professors shook their heads and spoke of the effect of Spring on youth.
Ed Belasco, college election commissioner, saw no joke in the affair. He immediately ordered another election.

Los Angeles, Feb. 24 (UP)

A suit for divorce charging Jack Pickford, film actor and brother of Mary Pickford, with cruelty was filed to-day by Mary Mulhern, film actress, who accused him specifically of constant nagging and criticism of her theatrical career.
The divorce action followed the announcement yesterday that a property settlement involving an unannounced amount of money to be paid Miss Mulhern has been effected out of court. Pickford said he would not contest the suit.

Hollywood, Cal. Feb. 25 (AP)

Japan may be at machine gun points with China, but the women of the Orient are united on one thing – their desire for American complexions.
And that’s all due to the movies, says T.M. West, head of a makeup studio in Shanghai, here to confer with Hollywood cosmetologists on ways to apply American cosmetics to Oriental women.
Already Japanese and Chinese women have adopted American dress as a result of the movie influence, says West.
“And now Chinese and Japanese girls are eager to know how to disguise the slant of their eyes and to make their skin white.”

Hollywood, Feb. 25 (UP)

Reports that John Barrymore had been injured severely in an automobile accident brought from his physician tonight a statement that the film actor was bruised when his car was in collision with another machine last night and that he would be confined to his home for several days.

From Luella O. Parsons
Los Angeles, Feb. 25


What will happen to Gwili Andre, alluring Swedish model? She is one of the most beautiful women, foreign or otherwise, who has ever stepped foot in Hollywood.
Will she become a second Garbo or will she merely become another movie actress? I put the question to David Selznick.
He plans to exploit her in much the same manner that Garbo and Dietrich were introduced.
Dietrich made her debut opposite Gary Cooper, well known male star. Garbo was first seen in The Temptress. At that time Antonio Moreno was one of the best known film stars in pictures and Garbo was cast as his leading lady.
Miss Andre will be given the role of Richard Dix’ leading lady in The Roar of the Dragon, thus making her entry into the picture world with an important star.

We are always glad to hear when one of our colleagues cracks through and sells a story. Ward Morehouse, a New York Daily columnist, has just persuaded Darryl Zanuck that his story, New York Town, would make a grand movie. The picture will go into immediate production and will be co-directed by Elliott Nugent and James Flood. The story is now talked as a Kay Francis production. Well, Kay wears clothes as well as any woman I know, if smart clothes are what they need. She wears them as well off the screen as on.

Will Hays and his attractive wife were guests of honor at a dinner party given by the Watterson Rothackers. Constance Bennett, in dark blue velvet cut low in the back, spent the evening playing bridge. Joan Bennett, accompanied by Gene Markey, looked very smart in a white lace frock.
Lionel Barrymore, at the Rothcackers, reported his wife improving. She has been critically ill with the flu. Constance Talmadge Netcher, in a black Carnegie frock, was voted as one of the most stunning looking women at the dinner.

Rudy Vallee, much thinner, was at the Brown Derby, lunching with Fay Webb. Fay was all decked out in new Spring clothes in honor of her husband’s arrival in town.


Frances Dee plays Charles “Buddy” Rogers fiancée in Paramount’s “Working Girls,” the National Theater feature.
An orchid recently was named for Miss Dee at the Southern California Flower Show at Los Angeles, at which the actress was the guest of honor. The flesh red and purple bloom requires seven years to reach maturity.
Paul Lukas, Judith Wood, Dorothy Hall, and Stuart Erwin also are featured.

From Wood Soanes:

Joan Blondell is being elevated to stardom in “Miss Pinkerton of Scotland Yard,” the screen adaptation of Mary Roberts Rhinehart’s new novel which has not yet been published except as a serial.
Warner Brothers announce the elevation as the result of Miss Blondell’s work in “Union Depot,” and “The Famous Ferguson Case,” now in production.

Dickie Moore, who had a role with Chic Sale in “The Expert” is to be given a stellar role in “From Rags to Riches,” a story of American boyhood of yesterday which Maude Fulton is preparing for the screen.


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