Tuesday, January 20, 2009




By Dan Thomas
Hollywood, March 12 – (NEA)

Roving around town. The Malibu rush is on again. It didn’t take many hot days to make the film folk remember those homes they have down by the sea. Leila Hyams started things out with a swell beach party. And nobody even got wet – at least not on the outside.

Jack Oakie still is telling that story about the movie couple who finally called off their marriage because they couldn’t decide whose name should get precedence on the invitations.

Constance Cummings still is getting those telegrams from Junior Laemmle… And answering them too… Just another way of helping Hoover’s plan to put money back in circulation.

Joe E. Brown and Buster Keaton still having an argument as to who has the best ball team.

Big times at Coconut Grove… Rouben Mamoulian entertaining with a large supper party… Marlene Dietrich, Miriam Hopkins, Sari Maritza, Alexander Kirkland, Humphrey Bogart, Kay Francis and Kenneth McKenna among his guests… And others of note scattered around the room...

Constance Bennett and the Marquis… Connie is starting to work again soon, her first picture since her wedding...

Rudy Vallee dancing every dance with his wife, Fay Webb… And paying considerable attention to her.

Sally Eilers and Hoot Gibson at a table with Marian Nixon and her hubby.

Lewis Milestone back in town. And looking for somebody to play leading role in “Rain.” Gloria Swanson suggested that she might do it again but things never got past the suggestion stage.
However, if “Milly” wants any more suggestions, it wouldn’t do him a bit of harm to give little Barbara Kent a test… That youngster is blossoming out into a real dramatic actress… She wouldn’t give the same type of characterization as la Swanson or the late Jeanne Eagels. But she would deliver in a big way.

Colleen Moore and her husband back in town. Colleen looks better than ever before. She’s prettier and more sophisticated.
It looks as though her beautiful home is going to be more or less of a vacation spot as long as hubby’s work is in New York.
Colleen is going to do a stage play here but has no plans for going back into pictures again.

Phyllis Clare going to lunch with three men… She’s a blond and just out from New York to try her luck in pictures… If personal appearance means anything she should get along.

Rochelle Hudson and her mother going into a neighborhood theater… And Carole Lombard meeting Bill Powell at the Brown Derby. It’s a good half-way point between their respective studios.

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