Saturday, January 10, 2009


‘I’m a Sucker,’ Says Musician for Giving Checks to Film Star;
Charges Denied

Hollywood, March 10 (UP)

The career of the beautiful blonde Mary Nolan reached a new crisis today, as the screen and stage star faced a possible jail sentence for violating the state labor laws.
Once the toast of Broadway and later advancing toward widespread popularity as a film star, she was under conviction for failure to pay wage claims.
Sentences will be passed tomorrow by Municipal Judge Clement Nye with the maximum penalty on each of eight counts, six months in jail and $500 fine.
Her husband, Wallace T. Macreary, Jr., was found guilty on nine counts of the same charge.


Chief witness for the eight complainants, all former employees in the Nolan Gown Shop, was Salvatore de Santaello, musician, who admitted excitedly he had been “merely a sucker.”
He was called to show Miss Nolan really had money enough though she failed to pay shop employees. He testified ruefully, a smile from Miss Nolan cost him $1200, the amount of the wage claims.
He was riding along Hollywood boulevard in his limousine, he testified, when he noticed a beautiful blonde in a taxi cab.
“She smile,” he told the court, “and I smile back. I ask will she ride with me and she say she will.”
She did ride with him, De Santaella continued, but only after he paid her $6 taxi bill. They went to his apartment and there he listened to the woes of the proprietor of a gown shop.


“I have only $45,” he testified, “but I gave her that. Later I wrote checks and checks and more checks.”
“Why did I do it?” he asked himself. “I don’t know. I was a big sucker.”
Miss Nolan, stunning in a green ensemble, denied De Santaella’s charges.
“I do recall meeting De Santaella and going to his apartment but that was purely a professional call,” she testified. “I recall he wanted to be my husband’s partner – I believe he was in business with my husband.”


Macreary testified he owned the shop.
Miss Nolan has been in court several times recently because of failure of the gown shop.
Justice of the Peace Billings of Beverly Hills has given her until today to settle two wage claims brought in his court. Failure to pay will result in a contempt of court citation, he warned.
Just a year ago, Miss Nolan was starred in pictures and becoming one of the highest paid of the screen actresses. Then her contract was dissolved.
Her only recent movie work has been with the independent companies.
She won her starring place in pictures with a marvelous comeback from publicity she gained through association with Frank Tinney when he was a headline comedian and she one of the Follies beauties.


diane said...

Mary Nolan is so beautiful - I
think she could wrangle money out
of anybody. The poor bloke, by the
sound of him, didn't seem to know whether he was coming or going!!!

GAH1965 said...

Such a tragic life though. Things just went from bad to worse for her after this - right up until her untimely death.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post.