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March 8, 1932


Santa Monica, March 8 (UP)
Anita Stewart, actress, was credited today with having been instrumental in saving two men from a capsized boat in Santa Monica bay.
From her shore home, Miss Stewart saw their plight and notified her husband, George Converse, who with a friend went to the rescue.
The men, who were M. R. Hiltz and Harry T. Henn of Santa Monica, were given first aid treatment and returned to their homes.


Budapest, March 8 (AP)
Former Judge Zoltan Szepessy, first husband of the late screen star Lya De Putti, was found dead of a revolver shot in his hotel room here today. Police said he committed suicide because of financial difficulties.

From Luella O. Parsons:

Los Angeles, Mar. 8
Douglas Fairbanks has met Tahiti and, according to cable advices, it is his. Governor General Jore officially welcomed the Fairbanks party and they hadn’t been ashore a day before they were bombarded with invitations to native feasts.
Tahiti, strange as it may seem, has never seen a talking picture. Strange, when we consider that Honolulu theaters are all showing talkies and making money. Doug very wisely arranged to introduce the talkies to Tahiti. The introduction was made at a special entertainment given as a benefit for the Pierre Loti Memorial.
Doug took his own picture, Around the World in Eighty Minutes, and a Mickey Mouse comedy. Giving himself, he says, plenty of competition.
Instead of living in the Frederick Murnau house, as he expected, he is housed in the native palace. Leave it to Doug.

Ronald Colman is back home. As soon as his arrival back in town became known all the reporters from local and syndicate newspapers swarmed to the United Artists studios to get the latest on China. Ronnie has just been there and he brings back many interesting stories of the war zone. All morning he was missing. A check up by our own private detective system showed that Ronnie was at the tailor’s. Getting ready, no doubt, for his next picture, The Brothers Karamazow. He will soon be at work for Samuel Goldwyn, his particular boss, who will be back from Havana a week from Saturday. Reports from Florida and Havana are that Goldwyn has become somewhat of a social leader.

Zasu Pitts and Julanne Johnstone are motoring north on a holiday jaunt. Mae Murray, in red, white and blue sport coat, the latest color combination, is also visiting up north over the weekend.

Thelma Todd and Austin Parker, proving more and more that they are “that way” about each other, were lunching at the Embassy yesterday.


“Beast of the City” Presents Jean Harlow and Walter Huston in Leading Roles

With the entire country worried about the Lindbergh baby, the Paramount theater tomorrow offers a picture designed to display the inner workings of police and the dangers they face. “Beast of the City” is the picture, from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios and, while it has nothing to do with the kidnapping it does portray underworld characters in their true proportions.
Jean Harlow is the alluring blond beauty who can devastate with a flip of her pretty head. Walter Huston is the leading officer, who faces the dangers of daily guarding the city against such women and their gangs. Jean Hersholt and Wallace Ford are featured.


The Rialto Theater’s current screen attraction is “The False Madonna,” the first Paramount picture starring Kay Francis.
She is seen as the “counterfeit lady,” the woman who operates with a group of skillful crooks who are very successful in promoting their international confidence games.
Of course there is the eventual showdown, where Kay must either admit the deception and lose the fortune the crooks have plotted for – or carry on a trickery that has now become distasteful to her, and betray the boy she loves.

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