Thursday, August 20, 2009


April 3, 1932

Among the surprises in “Horse Feathers,” the Four Marx Brothers' next comedy to be released by Paramount, is “Dance of the College Professors.” Harold Hecht, local maitre de ballet, has trained twenty elderly, bearded actors for the burlesque. The dance takes place upon Groucho Marx's cinematic installation as president of a college.

Constance Bennett will take the major role in “The Truth About Hollywood,” an RKO-Radio picture, it is announced. This assignment has postponed the making of “Unmated,” which had been scheduled for immediate production. The Hollywood picture was written by Adele Rogers Hyland and photographic work on it will be started withing a week under the direction of George Cukor.

Maxwell Anderson has been engaged by Columbia Pictures to convert “The Washington Merry Go Round” into a film-play. He has already left for the Coast to start the work. Mr. Anderson collaborated with Laurence Stallings on “What Price Glory?”Among his other screen works are the story of “The Cock-eyed World,” the adaptation and dialogue of “All Quiet on the Western Front,” and the dialogue of “Trader Horn.”

First National Pictures announced that Vivienne Osborne, who has played leading parts in “The Famous Ferguson Case” and “Two Seconds,” has started acting in “The Dark Horse.”

Lionel Barrymore has signed a new contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, according to an announcement from Culver City. Mr. Barrymore has directed a number of M-G-M features, among them being “Madame X,” “The Rogue Song” and “The Unholy Night.”

“Heroe's of the West,” by Peter B. Kyne, has gone into production at Universal City, The main parts are taken by Onslow Stephens and Jacqueline Wells. Others in the cast are Ed Cobb, Jules Cowles, Martha Mattox, Harry Tenbrook and Frank Lackteen.

Jackie Cooper, accompanied by his mother, is due to arrive in New York for a brief stay.

Richard Barthelmess, First National star, now on his way from the Orient to Europe, spent Easter Sunday in Bombay. He is due to arrive in Naples on April 4. He will go from there to Paris and soon thereafter he will embark for New York. Mr. Barthelmess is accompanied by his wife. They will leave for Hollywood after a brief stay there. His next picture will be “The Cabin in the Cotton.”

Warner Brothers announce that the following will be in the cast of “New York Town,” which is based on a play by Ward Morehouse: Joan Blondell, Eric Linden, Inez Courtney, Lysle Talbot, Gloria Shea, Humphrey Bogart and Jobyna Howland.

Among plays to be adapted for motion pictures is “Harlem,” the Negro play by William Jordan Rapp and Wallace Thurman. It will be screened by Universal Pictures Corporation.

Thirty-three children have been selected by Paramount for roles in “The Strange Case of Clara Deane.” The children, ranging in age from two to eleven years, will appear in orphanage scenes with Wynne Gibson and 4-year-old Cora Sue Collins, who plays one of the important parts in the picture.


Aleta said...

INTERESTING tidbit on Dance of the College Professors! I've never heard of that one, and I've read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about the Marx Bros (including several semi-auto-biographies inherited from my father!), and I've never even heard of it.

Maybe not unlike the lost Humor Risk? =)

GAH1965 said...

Aleta - I'm glad you found that information interesting and useful. That's the exact reason why I wanted to start this blog, so we classic movie lovers could all learn as much about the movies, stars and the industry as possible in just the way the public did once upon a time.