Tuesday, August 4, 2009


April 3, 1932

Production executives at the M-G-M studios approach the final quarter of the 1931-32 season with several pictures currently in work and others in various stages of preparation for the screen.

“Strange Interlude” is expected to vie with “Grand Hotel” in matter of popularity. Eugene O'Neill's characters will live again on the screen in the persons of Norma Shearer, Clark Gable, Henry Walthall, May Robson and Ralph Morgan.

Current events of the news pages will find their reflection in “China Seas.” Tod Browning will direct Clark Gable in this photoplay immediately on his completion of work in “Strange Interlude.”

Ramon Novarro is at work under Sam Wood's direction in “Huddle,” a story of campus and football romance. This novel will find Madge Evans , Una Merkel and Martha Sleeper as its principle protagonists.

Jackie Cooper's next picture will be “Limpy,” an adaptation from the William Johnston novel of the same name. Chic Sale, Dorothy Peterson, Ralph Graves, Helen Parrish, Gus Leonard and Oscar Apfel are seen in support of the juvenile star.

Marie Dressler began work last week with Polly Moran in “Prosperity,” under the direction of Leo McCarey.

Marcel de Sano will shortly get under way with one of the most-discussed stories of the year. Katherine Brush's “The Red-Headed Woman.” No cast has as yet been assigned for this bit of theatrical property.

Walter Huston heads the cast of “Night Court,” a new melodrama dealing with corrupt courts and judges in a great city, with Phillips Holmes and Anita Page in leading roles. Lewis Stone, Jean Hersholt, John Miljan and Tully Marshall all have parts in “Night Court.”

Charles Riesner, director of M-G-M's three quite popular comedies, “Caught Short,” “Reducing” and “Politics,” is preparing to make in audible from that great favorite, “Turn to the Right.”

Edgar Selwyn will direct Faith Baldwin's “Skyscraper.”

Monta Bell has been added to M-G-M's directorial staff to make “Downstairs,” John Gilbert's next, from a story suggested by the actor.

Charles Brabin is working on “After All.” This is a picturization of the John Van Druten stage play of the same name, which was seen on Broadway last season. Margaret Perry repeats the role which she had in the stage production, and Robert Young, Lewis Stone, Jean Hersholt, Donald Cook, Laura Hope Crews, Myrna Loy and others play prominent parts.


Juliette. said...

I adore that picture of Marie Dressler-- I think Ken Murray filmed her around that time for "Hollywood, My Hometown"...that outfit (and expression!) loom very familiar. :)

diane said...

I had to laugh at Jackie Cooper's
new movie - "Limpy"!!! Guess they
changed the name of that film
pretty quick - it might be "When
a Feller Needs a Friend". Sounds
a bit more warm and friendly.

Charlotte said...

I want to thank you for the coverage you have of Margaret Perry - I hope to see more of her or her great family!