Sunday, July 19, 2009


By Robert Grandon – April 2, 1932

Is this pajama craze ever going to end? I think not, for all the little pals of Mrs. Rob and myself turn up at the most unusual hours, day and night, sporting the latest nifties.

Little Joan Bennett threw a party the other day and what do you think she wore? Black velvet pajamas trimmed with ermine.

With her delicate blonde coloring, Joan stood out among her studio sisters in a manner to make her the most admired… and the most envied. And now, black pajamas are popping up in all the shops and for dress!

Of course, Jean Harlow started it with that funny sort of suit which is a cross between a sweat shirt and a pair of sailor pants. And when she went away on her vaudeville tour, pajamas started to really blossom.

Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich and Tallulah Bankhead prefer lace and chiffon and navy blue and pastels. But black velvet and ermine is becoming a national habit and seems fair to spread.

Anna May Wong has introduced the bang craze. For a long time, she has adopted this head-dress and now it seems to be catching on. The other stars are copying her.

The other night at the Embassy I saw Kay Francis with black nails. It’s the newest craze, she told me. You have your manicurist dye them to match your evening dress and remove the stain the next morning. And if it’s an afternoon party, why, silver is quite the latest thing.

It used to be that Paris set the styles. Now it’s Hollywood. Watch for the Mata Hari turban introduced by Greta Garbo.


A said...

Fun post! Thanks.

diane said...

Black nail polish!!!
What a trend-setter Kay Francis

GAH1965 said...

I always thought black nail polish started with the punk rock girls of the late '70s. Guess Kay Francis was the original punker.

Juliette. said...

Black nails-- how marvelous!

Great picture of Joan as well. :)