Friday, March 13, 2009


March 19, 1932

In view of the revived effort in congress this week to keep out foreign stars, they have been compiling a list of them in the motion picture business. Chairman Dickstein of the house committee on immigration told opposers of the plan that “almost any kind of accent can be had among actors in my district,” which is on the East Side of New York City.

The list so far as made up of by alien players is:

Charlie Chaplin, Maurice Chevalier, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Norma Shearer, Ramon Novarro, George Arliss, Marie Dressler, Mary Pickford, Clive Brook, Dorothy Mackaill, Paul Lukas, Victor McLaglen, Fifi Dorsay, Dolores Del Rio, Lupe Velez, Elissa Landi, Maureen O’Sullivan, Pola Negri, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Jill Esmond, Laurence Olivier, Ivan Lebedeff and Reginald Denny.

It would be virtually impossible to replace that group with new American-made stars in less than five years’ time. And without the money they now draw into the box office, the film industry would be up against it.

There also are lesser foreign players who still are tremendously popular in minor roles. Among this group are:

Sari Maritza, Claude Allister, Nils Asther, Conway Tearle, Olga Baclanova, Lionel Belmore, Andre Beranger, Billy Bevan, Cyril Chadwick, Ricardo Cortez, Albert Conti, Rockliffe Fellows, Alec Francis, Emily Fitzroy, Huntley Gordon, Lawrence Grant, Holmes Herbert, Jean Hersholt, Stuart Holmes,
Crawford Kent, Claude King, Doris Lloyd, Montague Love, John Loder, Alan Mowbray, Anthony Bushell, Matt Moore, Antonio Moreno, John T. Murray, Greta Nissen, Warner Oland, Gilbert Rowland, Duncan Renaldo, Ned Sparks, George Sidney, Slim Summerville, Ernest Torrence, Raquel Torres, H. B. Warner, Gustav von Seyffertitz
, and Henry Victor.

In addition to these players, a few of our outstanding directors, whom it would be rather difficult to replace, are foreign-born. Among them are Ernst Lubitsch, Lewis Milestone, Josef von Sternberg, George Fitzmaurice, Edmund Goulding, Herbert Bernon, Paul Stein, James Whale, Frank Capra and Michael Curtiz.

Film magnates may seem to be getting unduly excited over this situation, but in their opinions, somebody should get excited.

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