Saturday, February 14, 2009


By Robert Grandon

March 15, 1932
It used to be that Hollywood recruited from the stage, - but now-a-days, the stage is recruiting from Hollywood filmdom for its shows with never a bit of stage experience.

Most outstanding of all, of course, is Buddy – call me Charles, boys – Rogers. Buddy has signed to appear with Bert Lahr in a new Ziegfeld production, to sing over NBC network, and to conduct his own orchestra. He sings, dances, and plays seven instruments – and made his debut in the silent flickers.

Jean Arthur and Fay Marbe are listed in New York’s latest production of “Lysistrata.” Neither of them ever spoke a line in a theater – and the same holds good for Rod La Rocque, who has an important role in “Jazz City,” the Arch Selwyn-Carl Hemmer musical.

Lois Moran is appearing in the Music Box production “Of Thee I Sing,” playing the wife of the president of the United States. Lois was a dancer before she went screenie – and her newest boy friend, Douglas Montgomery, is appearing in “Fata Morgana.” His flicker name was Kent Douglas – and now Ona Munson has headed eastward.

Hollywood may soon be voicing the stage’s complaint of yesteryear: “they’re stealing all our material.”

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Clarissa said...

"Neither of them ever spoke a line in a theater..."

Jean Arthur had just left Hollywood in late 1931 and later she said herself, she wasn't a good actress, before she made those experiences on stage. During those years 1932, 1933 she really learned her job and became the actual Jean Arthur who 1936 became a star. My Problem is, I can't get her films from 1933/34. But nevertheless I got to write something on her in my 1933 project on
: I'm having December 1933 now and Jean visits her parents in California. In January 1934 she actually wants to be back in New York Town, but Columbia convinces her to stay and join a film project. Of course I'll write something on her next weekend ... it is my duty. :)

So I see: You're at the point where she starts performing on stage and I'm at that point where she returns to Hollywood.

Nice, isn't it?