Tuesday, February 3, 2009


March 14, 1932

Depression or no depression, more motion picture extras are being employed at Paramount’s studios in Hollywood than at any time during the last two years. Nearly 10,000 extra checks, it is reported, will be given out in less than a month.

Seventy-five full-dress extras are working in a gambling house scene for “Sinners in the Sun,” with Chester Morris and Carole Lombard. A garden party in this same film will need about 200, a dance scene another 100, two style shows 100 each and street scenes about 50.

Forty Russians are being used in scenes for “The World and the Flesh,” the new George Bancroft film. At other times 400 soldiers will be used, 60 hotel guests, 300 in street scenes, 500 in a battle scene and 55 on board a boat.

“The Strange Case of Clara Deane” will use 220 in two style-show scenes, more than 400 in prison scenes, a total of 115 in street scenes and 250 in party scenes.

“The Broken Wing,” featuring Lupe Velez and Leo Carillo, is using 100 Latins in street scenes.

“Thunder Below,” the Tallulah Bankhead feature, had more than 100 in South America cantina scenes last week and will employ more than 200 players in fiesta scenes.

In addition to 50 players in street scenes, “Sky Bride” used a crowd of more than 600 as spectators at an air circus.

In “Dancers In the Dark” 300 extras were used for two weeks in dance hall scenes with Miriam Hopkins and Jack Oakie.

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