Thursday, December 24, 2009

April 12, 1932


Hollywood, Calif., April 12 (AP)
A new member of the family of Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Thorpe is expected to arrive in August. Mrs. Thorpe, who is known to film fans as Mary Astor, said today she expected the birth of the child to take place in Honolulu where she will go following a cruise of the south seas.

Miss Astor and Dr. Thorpe were married at Yuma, Ariz., last June 29. Her first husband, Kenneth Hawks, film director, was killed in an airplane crash, January 2, 1930.


Los Angeles, April 12 (AP)
Life is getting to be a series of court sessions for Mary Nolan, screen actress, who, while on the musical comedy stage was known as Imogene Wilson.
A warrant for her arrest and her husband’s arrest, charging failure to respond to a summons to be examined concerning their assets, was in the hands of deputy sheriffs today. The case involves two judgments against Miss Nolan and her husband, Wallace T. Macready, one for $783 worth of dresses and the other for furniture valued at $1700.

The judgments resulted from the operation of a gown shop by Miss Nolan. The actress has appeared in court no less than a dozen times in connection with claims for wages and merchandise resulting from her business venture. Both she and her husband are under sentence of 30 days each in jail for failure to pay wages, being at liberty at present on appeal bonds.


New York, April 11 (UP)
Despite “the necessity of facing two economic revolutions in three years” – the advent of talking pictures and the 1929 depreciation of buying power – Will H. Hays today presented an optimistic report of the present situation in the motion picture industry.

Hays quoted an increase in audiences, attracted by steadily improving entertainment quality and an increasing variety in types of pictures, as the greatest present-day assets of the business.


Reno, Nev., April 11
Two “tough guys” with world-wide reputations had a fight in Douglas Alley yesterday.
One was Jack Dempsey, tough guy of the squared ring, and the other was Wallace Berry, tough guy of the silver screen.

It was only a friendly sparring match, however, for the benefit of new photographers and no blackened eyes or cauliflowered ears resulted.

Wallace Beery piloted his private airplane up here from Los Angeles in little more than two hours, landing at Blanchard airport. He came over for a short visit with his friend, Dempsey, and expects to return today.

The two old cronies were making the rounds yesterday and last night. Beery has a number of friends here.

From Luella O. Parsons:

Is England trying to compete with America in motion picture productions? More money is being spent and more American stars sought than at any time in the history of the movies. Two hundred and fifty pictures is the schedule for the coming year and many of these English born actors now in Hollywood are being engaged. Roland Young and Ernest Torrence are in London and Tony Bushell is on the way.

According to Cedric Belfrage, formerly of Hollywood but now of the London Express, the English aristocracy have become the greatest fans. The Prince of Wales is a nightly visitor to the theaters, but woe betide the ambitious theater manager who makes public these visits.

Said Belfrage:
“The Prince and Adolph Menjou became friends. They talked clothes and sports. Corinne Griffith was taken up by the elite. Greta Garbo, Marion Davies and Marlene Dietrich are the favorites. Miss Davies,” he said, “made herself very popular during her recent visit there when she was a guest of Lady Mountbatten.”

Saw Al Santell at the railroad station on his way north to look for locations for “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Far.” He had been all set for Janet Gaynor to play the lead in Rebecca, but he said the tests of Marian Nixon were so good that he had gotten over his disappointment at not having Miss Gaynor.

Ralph Bellamy will play opposite Marian. Bellamy, who is a very good actor, was all ready to leave with his wife for a vacation to the Grand Canyon when he was put into the role of the doctor. Any number of tests were made and the selection of Bellamy was not official until late Saturday.

From Wood Soanes:

Harry Edington, Greta Garbo’s personal manager, has left the M-G-M lot, where he was also employed as associate producer, and Hollywood is now convinced that the lady will not re-sign, at least not at the present $10,000 per week.

It may also be that M-G-M has come to the conclusion that Garbo’s box office allure has dropped below the $10,000 mark. The returns from “Mata Hari” didn’t set any new records and in “Grand Hotel” she has an expensive supporting cast including Barrymores, Joan Crawford and Wallace Beery.

Jack Sheehan has gone into “State’s Attorney” at Radio with John Barrymore; Berton Churchill into “Dark Horse” at Warner Brothers supporting Warren William; Edward Everett Horton into “Roar of the Dragon” at Radio and Olive Cooper and Gavin Gordon into “Faith” at Columbia.

Added to that, James Gleason has a writing job at M-G-M and is making a new series of two-reelers while Robert McWade has been added to the Harold Lloyd “Movie Crazy” cast in which Kenneth Thomas is also working.

Patsy Ruth Miller and Charles Ray are to be seen in a production called a vaudeville revue in New York and Fritz Scheff is also featured. The title is “Dilly Dally.” Ray’s old director from silent days is an extra in Hollywood now.


The Paramount theater announces that hereafter its opening day will be on Friday, as compared to Wednesday, which has been change day since this theater opened its doors.
Marking this change is the news that Warner Baxter, star of “Daddy Long Legs,” opens in his latest picture, “Amateur Daddy,” Friday. Marian Nixon will be seen in the leading feminine role, opposite Baxter.

“Dancers in the Dark,” with Miriam Hopkins and Jack Oakie, remains an extra two days.


Lesley Ann said...

I love Mary Astor. She is such an overlooked actress. Her range was amazing-from Maltese Falcon to Little Women-Wonderful!

GAH1965 said...

And her longevity was impressive too, going from silents to the '60s. She even overcame a significant sex scandal and still managed to keep her career afloat despite that, at a time when that was a death-kiss.