Monday, June 8, 2009

March 28, 1932


Phoenix, Ariz., Mar. 28 (UP)
Hattie L. Mosher, wealthy Phoenix property owner who expresses her individuality by dressing in the styles of a bygone day and who wears moccasins, has filed suit against Al Jolson, film and stage star, for $150,000. She alleged he “burlesqued and ridiculed her” in the Fox Theater here, the management of which is also made defendant.

The alleged damages were suffered by the woman, she claims, in the suit filed in federal court, as the result of Jolson’s stage appearance here on March 15.

The plaintiff, who has large real estate holdings and who frequently has been involved in litigation concerning it, at one time being arrested for blocking a city alley by digging a ditch with a Negro helper, was an unsuccessful candidate for state senator years ago.


Los Angeles, Mar. 28 (AP)
Paisley Noon, 35, film character actor, died to-day following an attack of appendicitis. Noon entered motion pictures several years ago after a long experience in vaudeville. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Noon, who lives here.

From Luella O. Parsons:

If Greta Garbo does pack up the old carpet bag and head back to Sweden in June to live, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is not going to be left in the lurch. In other words, they believe in preparedness. One evidence of this is the signing of Diana Wynyard, talented English actress.

Now about Miss Wynyard. One of the M.-G.-M. executives saw her in “The Devil Passes,” Basil Rathbone’s current New York stage play, and was so impressed he signed her on a contract. She comes west to Hollywood and Irving Thalberg is now looking for a play that will give her the best possible chance.

Miss Wynyard’s introduction to the stage was in “Petticoat Influence.” She played the part in London Helen Hayes created in America.

The few days given Ann Dvorak between pictures are about up. She was just enjoying her honeymoon with Leslie Fenton when word came that she was to replace Marian Marsh in “Competition,” Chic Sales’ next picture.

Marian reports on sick leave again. She has been ill with the flu and this is a continuation of her illness, which has kept her out of several pictures at Warner Brothers Studios lately. Wonder what is going to happen now that Ann Dvorak is married? Will Warner Brothers continue to build her or will there be more indifference? Sometimes marriage helps, but sometimes it hinders a career. It will be interesting to see just how Ann’s marriage works out.

Ann Harding turns off her telephone to all but outgoing calls. Her splendid gesture in sending out an announcement of her divorce speaks for itself.

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