Monday, December 8, 2008

March 1, 1932

From Luella O. Parsons

Los Angeles, March 1

Brief Moment has been sought by several film companies. The bidding has ceased, we are told, and Columbia now finds itself in possession of the Sam Behrman play which has been a hit in New York. I surely thought another company would buy it from all that I heard Saturday, but what a difference a few hours make in this business.
In purchasing Brief Moment, Columbia had Barbara Stanwyck in mind. What an actress this little Stanwyck gal is! They say in So Big she will be a sensation. I only saw the stills, but they look interesting.
Frank Capra will probably direct and discussions on Brief Moment will be in order now that Walter Wanger is here and Harry Cohn has returned from week-ending at Palm Springs.

I am laughing. Eddie Quillan and Jimmy Durante in one picture. You will be laughing too, if the two of them are as funny as they are expected to be in It’s Got to Be Good, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Hollywood picture. Eddie Quillan is under contract to Harold Lloyd, but Harold is going to be so busy on his own picture that he won’t have time to give his attention to a Quillan comedy for some time. A loan was therefore arranged between Harold and M-G-M. Someone was talking about Harold Lloyd the other day, someone who knows him well. He said how discouraged Harold gets just before he starts a picture. Harold has no conceit and he is always afraid that the story may be all wrong. Comedy is the most difficult thing in the world because there is nothing so bad as an un-funny picture.


Crooner Alleged to Have Pirated Song Written by Roberta Hudson McKay

Santa Monica, March 1 (AP)
Two years’ waiting and recent strategy which involved making process servers of bathing girls on the beach here finally placed a complaint in a $1,000,000 damage suit in the hands of Rudy Vallee, radio entertainer, late yesterday.
The suit was filed in Los Angeles by Roberta Hudson McKay, who claimed Vallee pirated her song “Vagabond Lover,” and published it as “I’m Just a Vagabond Lover.”
When the crooner arrived from New York recently to be with his wife, the former Fay Webb, efforts began to serve him with the complaint. Four girls were furnished with copies of the complaint and instructed to frequent the beach as bathers on the chance he might appear there.
Late today he was met by a male process server as he drove an automobile into the driveway of his father-in-law, Chief of Police C.E. Webb of Santa Monica.
Chief Webb explained that Vallee was not hiding from the law.

Beverly Hills, March 1 (UP)

Leon Cunningham, motorist, accepted a smile and a handshake in settlement of an $850 damage action against Carmelita Geraghty, motion picture actress, the records of Justice of the Peace H. E. Billings indicated today.
He brought suit against as the result of an accident. The principals appeared in court, Miss Geraghty smiled. Cunningham smiled. They shook hands.
“We want to dismiss , your honor,” said Cunningham.

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