Monday, April 20, 2009


Buddy Rogers, Jimmy Walker Cited as Examples of What Men Shouldn’t Wear

By H. Allen Smith – United Press Staff Correspondent

New York, March 22
The Merchant Tailor’s National Association’s hope that men would start wearing flashy colors and fancier styles was roundly denounced today by four Ziegfeld show girls.

The girls interviewed backstage during a rehearsal were unanimous in the opinion that men should dress conservatively. They picked Ronald Colman as “one of the few movie stars who knows how to dress,” and made a few sly digs at the sartorial splendor of Buddy Rogers, one of the stars of “Hot Cha,” the show in which they themselves are appearing.

Since one of Ziegfeld’s press agents was present, the girls knew better than to condemn their Buddy outright.

“Now, listen, girls,” said the press agent, “suppose you just tell the gentleman that Buddy Rogers is the best-dressed man in the world.”

“Well,” said Mary Coyle, who originated in Lincoln, Neb., “I would say he is well dressed, on the stage. Be sure and put that ‘on the stage’ in.”

“Yes,” added Louise Allen, from Boston, “and also say from the knees up. He’s well dressed, you might say, on the stage, from the knees up.”

“Girls,” said the press agent, “I ask you, is that a nice thing to say about a guy right here in our own show? Is it nice?”

“Buddy is too much Hollywood off the stage,” put in Marian Dixon, who comes from Wichita.

“I like Englishmen, the way they dress,” said Mary Alice Rice of Dallas. “I think it would be all right to have something like those red businesses they wear when they are hunting to hounds, or whatever you call it. Maybe we could have red outfits for certain hours of the day – say for tea. Only I turn thumbs down on pink tuxedos, coats with belts, coat that are split in the back, turtle-neck sweaters and all the rest of Hollywood’s horrible haberdashery.”

Miss Rice was given due credit for having turned a pretty phrase.

Then Miss Coyle wearing pajamas at the moment, took the floor. “If those tailors ever put this idea over – this idea of having the men dress like Easter eggs on wheels – I’m for having the girls go around in overalls, or barrels, or adhesive tape.

“No self-respecting girl would keep a date with a man who dressed like a clown. Personally, when any of my boy friends break out in a gaudy shirt or a gray derby or a tie that can be heard half-way across town, I simply tell them to go back and change their clothes if they want to be seen in public with me.”

“And as for Jimmy Walker,” finished Miss Allen, “I think he’s got a nerve ever to leave his house. To my way of thinking, he represents what the well-dressed man should not wear.”

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post on Dorothy Janis. There is so little information available about this beautiful young actress. She dropped out of the movie industry in 1930 after only half-a-dozen movies. Maybe this pathetic ‘scandal’ had something to do with it. Bringing such a ridiculous lawsuit against someone in this day and age is like suing someone for witchcraft.

I must say I fell in love with her myself after watching ‘The Pagan’. I believe she’s still alive, which would make her 99 years old this year.

Here’s an affectionate tribute to Dorothy Janis that somebody posted on Youtube.

She was married to bandleader Wayne King for 53 years until his death. I hope she had a happy life.

Best wishes

Metairie Road